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A New Study Says People With Chronic Diseases Can Live A Long Life By Following A Healthy Lifestyle

A New Study Says People With Chronic Diseases Can Live A Long Life By Following A Healthy Lifestyle

New research has revealed that people who are dealing with chronic conditions can live longer if they follow a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and saying no to smoking and alcohol can reduce the risk of early death among people with chronic ailments. A healthy lifestyle has always been linked to longevity. However, this study focuses on how lifestyle factors affect people with multiple health issues such as hypertension, asthma, cancer, diabetes, depression, migraine, and angina. A team of scientists from the UK has followed nearly 93736 patients with chronic ailments for up to nine years. They have observed their lifestyle factors such as alcohol intake, physical activity, smoking habits, and diet during the study.

Experts have said that men who have followed a very healthy lifestyle are expected to live a longer life by 6.3 years irrespective of their underlying chronic conditions. Whereas women who have followed a very healthy lifestyle have been associated with up to 7.3 years longer life as compared to those who have been given the lowest lifestyle score. Experts have said that no smoking is the most beneficial lifestyle factor. People, who smoke at the age of 45, are expected to live five to six years less than the people who do not smoke. Regular workout has been linked with 1 to 2.5 years of extra life, as per the experts.

The study has found that a healthy lifestyle along with abstinence from smoking can increase life expectancy for up to 7 years. Experts have said that the findings of the study are very essential for public health and it is never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes to lead a healthy life. Women with two chronic diseases, who have been given an unhealthy score based on the four factors of lifestyle, are expected to live 3.5 years longer than those who have been given a very unhealthy score. Scientists have observed individual factors like socioeconomic status, employment status, and ethnicity as well in the study. However, there are some limitations to this study as the majority of the participants have been white and quite affluent as compared to the general population in the UK.

Best Productivity-Boosting Apps for Business Support Operations?

Best Productivity-Boosting Apps for Business Support Operations?
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Running a business requires carrying out many support operations to ensure smooth functionality and optimum productivity level with the core operations that help the organization to reach its ultimate goal. These support operations include tasks like managing employee and visitor data, asset management and maintenance, expense management, etc. While maintaining all the core functionality is a priority for every business, staying focused on these support operations can be a real challenge for many organizations. To eliminate these challenges we have prepared a list of apps that can make your support operations easier to run and boost productivity.

Best Productivity-Boosting Apps for support operations

These productivity-boosting apps are used to connect all segregated support operations of your business to a centralized place or system where all of the employees can perform better.

Employee Database

Enterprises require human resources to operate their business. After all, human resources are the life of an enterprise. According to their department, job description, and responsibilities, they are deployed to different work positions. It’s essential for so many reasons to know the details of all employees for the HR manager or management. Even sometimes it is found difficult to find their emergency contact details during urgency. To meet all of the mentioned requirements, the employee database records employee profile, his or her demographic data, emergency contact, and other relevant data.

Visitor Track

A smart system to managing the visitors of your organization in practical ways. It helps enterprises to improve the visitor experience, establish a detailed visit log, and save hours of paperwork. Visitor Track also saves administrative costs by replacing plastic or paper-based ID cards and associated printers with biometric data and a digital badge. It supports multimodal biometric identification like the fingerprint, finger vein, face, and iris recognition to ensure quick and secure access to premises.

Simple CMMS

Simple CMMS is the application to simplify the maintenance of the assets and equipment of the enterprise. This cloud-based app also facilitates the process enabling a fully responsive mobile app to perform all of the tasks required and update accordingly. This Computerized Maintenance Management System helps to boost productivity by adequately managing the assets and equipment of the enterprise, scheduling the maintenance, managing inventory, routing work order and facilitating the robust reporting.  The application helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time status of their assets and maintenance plans.

Asset Tracker

Each asset in an enterprise is indeed a bit of the long haul venture made to support the organization. As the organization runs depending on its employees, so someone is allowed to utilize and take care of an asset. The asset tracker tracks the status of the assets to raise accountability among the employees. Though it doesn’t create a direct impact on productivity being accountable each employee treats in a better way and ultimately the assets last more than it was assumed traditionally.

Expense Tracker

Enterprises need to maintain daily operative costs to run the business. Any enterprise utilizes a center bookkeeping framework to follow monetary transactions. The day by day costs stays disregarded most of the times in these frameworks. Expense Tracker application can keep these records of day by day administrative costs to discover the wastages and spotlight on approaches to decrease excessive costs.

Fleet Manager

An enterprise may have different vehicles like cars, pull cars, staff buses, delivery vans, and trucks to operate the business and meet daily needs. The management of a fleet like this is troublesome as there remain many issues like assigning drivers, registration documents, insurance updates, fuel expenses and consumptions, maintenance, and so on. Fleet Manager app utilizes state-of-the-art technologies like biometrics, machine learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make vehicle management operation smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.


O-Suite is an all-in-one Office Automation suite offering a bundle of apps to automate business support operations. This suite of apps covers most of the support process automation apps in one suite that business commonly needs. If the enterprise uses different apps for managing different support processes like employee database, expenses management, contract details, issue handler then it could lead up to hefty subscription fees. But with osuite they can get all of those same apps under one single suite and save thousands of dollars yearly as well share data between them.

Employee Wellness App

A  healthy employee could be a productive employee and is capable of meeting the productivity goal. On the other hand, vice versa happens for an unhealthy employee. The enterprises are analyzing the different scope of product development, and the fantastic thing revealed. US enterprises can save over $300 billion each year only taking care of their employees’ well being. It’s usual that the stress of the workplace causes burnout, and an exhausted employee could not deliver his/ her best for the organization. The corporate wellness app can engage the employees to relieve their stresses and energized in their work. Whenever the employees feel that their employer is doing something for their well-being, they become grateful and perform their best.

These top 6 productivity-boosting apps for business support operation is suitable for any small or medium enterprise. The smarter thinking and far-sighted vision must embrace the digital transformation of the business process using these apps. All of these apps are mobile friendly and facilitates the users to continue business tasks on the go.

New York’s International Auto Show Got Postponed Because Of Coronavirus Fear

New York’s International Auto Show Got Postponed Because Of Coronavirus Fear

New York’s biggest international automobile show recently got canceled on the fear of coronavirus, which was entirely predicted by experts a few days ago. NYIAS 2020 will be happening this year, but it’s not going to happen till the end of August. The show organizers used twitter to say about how the automobile show has gotten postponed. A tweet from their side said the health and wellbeing of all participants of this show is quite crucial for organizers. Now because of which, they have decided to postpone their automobile show. Organizers said they will be rescheduling NYIAS show till the end of August 2020 and advised to stick to their social media platforms for further updates. The automobile festival in New York was estimated to bring more than $330 million of monetary benefits. However, the show, which was scheduled to start on April 8, will have to be postponed until further notice. The New New York Automobile Show is quite significant as compared to other social programs because it brings approximately one million people in the form of attendee’s.

Organizers said from the last 120 years they are organizing this significant event, but the circumstances have forced them to postpone it for the sake of attendees. Programmers are already in talks with organizers and participants about the future dates of making this event possible. They are quite confident that even though they had to cancel the show, for now, it will soon be happening for all those people who love automobiles. Coronavirus is impacting quite severely on the economy of the country because, so far, 800 people have been infected with it. Twenty-nine patients have been found to have died because of this dangerous disease, which makes things quite more complicated than anyone’s expectations. The stock market has already given the negative responses because of which major stock indexes have gone down with a considerable margin.

Coronavirus Is Hitting Big On Tech Giant Companies

Coronavirus Is Hitting Big On Tech Giant Companies

Many people are worried about their health because of the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus in China. However, things are getting harder in the USA also because tech companies are trying their best to prevent the deadly virus so that people would not get infected with it. Some cases of Coronavirus have been found in the USA also, which makes things quite dangerous even though the number is small. Authority board members of big tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon are urging their employees not to travel and follow the required precautions which will save them from this deadly virus. Because of coronaviruses outbreak, big tech companies have canceled many events and conferences which is making tech enthusiastic sad but it was inevitable. After finding out that one of its employees got infected with Coronavirus, Google is trying to postpone the I/O developer conference in May. Even though precise details haven’t been published but it’s entirely possible the meeting will be an online conference rather than in-meet person meetup.

Facebook and Microsoft are also following the same path because of the deadly virus outbreak. Microsoft has reportedly pulled out from this year’s much-awaited gaming developers conferences which are happening in San Francisco during the summer. Facebook also said that they are making significant changes to their much popular F8 developers conference which is going to be held in San Jose city. F8 developer conferences now rather will be a small meetup of developers and not a big event. All tech companies employees know now that they are facing a quite hard situation, but they don’t know for how much period it will last. Microsoft not only cancelled their participation in the conference but also cancelled the global travel of its employees. Things are getting turned at the same level in other tech companies too, which was already anticipated by tech experts.

Doctors Found Woman Pees Alcohol Because of a Rare Bladder-Brewery Condition

Doctors Found Woman Pees Alcohol Because of a Rare Bladder-Brewery Condition

A 61-year-old woman in Pittsburgh has become the very first victim of having a rare medical condition. She urinates alcohol even without having a drop of it. Reportedly, experts have diagnosed the lady with urinary auto-brewery syndrome or bladder fermentation syndrome. In this health condition, alcohol gets naturally brewed in the body. A yeast present in the bladder ferments sugar in the urine, which produces alcohol. The woman has requested to maintain secrecy. Currently, she has liver cirrhosis and diabetes, and experts have suggested a liver transplant to her. She went to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre Presbyterian Hospital for a liver transplant. But reiterated tests have had revealed alcohol-content in her urine.

In the case of an auto-brewery syndrome, the consumption of some carbohydrates is enough to make the person drunk. The person feels high even without drinking a drop of alcohol. The same prototype is applicable in this case. The lady kept on insisting that she is non-alcoholic. Her doctors describe firstly; they also surmised that she was hiding a habit of alcohol consumption. Although, the experts have noted that plasma screening leads to ethanol and urine exam marks ethyl sulfate and ethyl glucuronide. So they found the metabolites of ethanol negative, whereas urine exam resulting ethanol was positive. Apart from this, the patient has not revealed symptoms of intoxication during clinical visits despite her urine revealed greater levels of ethanol.

Another mystifying aspect was the occurrence of huge quantities of glucose in her urine or so-called hyperglycosuria. The doctors have noticed ample levels of budding yeast in her urine samples. Thus, they decided to see whether yeast is inhabiting in the bladder, which may ferment sugar and lead to ethanol generation. After several urine tests, the team eventually found that yeast has colonized in the bladder. The researchers have published the case study in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday. The study noted the case reveals how simple it is to ignore signals revealing the presence of urinary auto-brewery. Thus, clinicians must be attentive and closely monitor medical records and lab results.

Pills For Erectile Dysfunction Can Permanently Alter Vision In men

Pills For Erectile Dysfunction Can Permanently Alter Vision In men

A new case study has revealed that taking pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) can result in prolonged retinal dysfunction. Sildenafil is the little blue pill also known as Viagra, which men take as medication for erectile problems. Turkey’s world eye hospital has published a report stating that men who take such medication often develop all sorts of visual disturbances. The study has found that men, who take such pills, experience blurred vision, light sensitivity, and color vision disturbances. Color vision disturbances include intensely blue-colored vision with red/green color blindness. Such severe complications happen when men take the highest recommended dosage of the pills. These drugs for erectile dysfunction have been originally developed for high blood pressure. The study has been published in the journals of Frontiers in Neurology found.

The author of the study has said that the side effects of the pills will be temporary and mild for the majority of men. Persistent eye and vision problems will happen for a small number of men. The study has included 17 case reports, where all men have complained of the side effects within 24 to 48 hours after taking the medication. For some men, symptoms have taken 21 days to show up. However, in past case studies, the vision of the patients has changed forever. A 31-year-old man, who had been subject of the case report of the study in 2018, had shown permanent damage to his vision after taking a high dose of ED medicine. The experts have said that the side effects of the pill take place when a subsection of men becomes unable to break down the enhancement drugs.

The reason behind the eyes being impacted due to ED medicine is unclear. However, researchers think that it happens because of a pair of sister enzymes. One of the enzymes called Phosphodiesterase (PD 5) is found in the blood vessels wall, it regulates the blood flow to the penis. Another enzyme called Phosphodiesterase type 6 helps process light within the eye. When the drug is taken in a high dose, it forms a molecule, which is toxic to retinal cells.

Coronavirus impact on Hong Kong economy could be more severe than 2003’s Sars, finance chief warns

Coronavirus impact on Hong Kong economy could be more severe than 2003’s Sars, finance chief warns

Hong Kong’s finance chief has warned that the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak could be more severe than in 2003 when the city was hit by Sars. Writing on his official blog on Sunday, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said he expected more people to lose their jobs, admitting that the effects of the health crisis now were more notable because of the city’s growing reliance on tourism and retail.Chan cited latest figures showing mainland tourists accounting for 78 per cent of arrivals, compared with 41 per cent from 2002 just before the severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak.

The tourism sector accounted for 32 per cent of total service exports in Hong Kong, an 11 per cent rise from 17 years ago.
“We still have to see how things go, to determine the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, but it does not seem to be optimistic, and could possibly be much more severe than in 2003,” he wrote.
Chan added that retail and catering businesses were the hardest hit in the last few months. Retail sales recorded their greatest ever drop of 24 per cent year on year in the last quarter, while total revenues for the catering industry slid 6 per cent in a first ever plunge since Sars.

“The economic situation is getting more difficult, and we have to face these imminent challenges,” Chan said.

Chan said he had not seen any adjustments in the financial sector with regards to areas such as bonds, foreign currencies and derivatives, and although there were fluctuations on the stock market, it was operating smoothly.On the global economy, Chan expected that the coronavirus would bring larger headwinds to the economy of China, thus also affecting worldwide growth.

He said he was carrying out a new assessment of the ongoing outbreak on the local economy for his coming budget proposal on February 26.
Earlier, Chan also issued a warning on his blog, saying the contagion and the ongoing social unrest were double whammies for the city, with the government already estimating its first fiscal shortfall in 15 years for 2019-20.

He had also earlier estimated that Hong Kong’s budget deficit would not exceed 3 per cent of the gross domestic product, or about HK$80 billion, based on GDP of about HK$2 trillion for the financial year ending in March.

Spotify Has 124 Million Premium Subscribers, Buying Bill Simmons’s The Ringer To Increase Podcast Business

Spotify Has 124 Million Premium Subscribers, Buying Bill Simmons’s The Ringer To Increase Podcast Business

Spotify has revealed its number of premium subscribers and it is much more than that of Apple Music. Yes, Spotify is still the leader of music streaming services with over 124 million premium subscribers. This is more than double of Apple Music whose last reported number of member stands on 60 million. Reports suggest that the Stockholm based music service provider is expected to grow this number in the range of 126 million to 131 million by the end of this quarter. However, this is not turning into revenue as some of those premium members are either paying at a discounted rate or paying nothing at all. The rise in its number of subscribers is because of several promotional campaigns. One of the most popular among all is ‘3 months on us’ for new users and a win-back for returning members.

This is why Spotify is expecting a financial loss in the first quarter of this year despite continued growth in premium subscribers and monthly active users. But the most important aspect of this growth is that it is happening in the field where it matters – podcast. The number of podcast users in the United States has been rising consistently, so does podcast members of Spotify. The podcast-streaming hours of Spotify have seen a rise of 200-percent when compare to the same period last year.

Keeping this in mind, Spotify is set to make yet another big-budget purchase to give a boost to its podcast. The streaming music company is purchasing Bill Simmons’s The Ringer. The Ringer is a podcast-centric media company and generated USD 15 million from podcast last year. The talks to buy The Ringer started in October 2019 and the deal has now been finalized. The sale price has not been disclosed and the formalities will take place in the first quarter of 2020.  As per the deal, Spotify is expected to hire all of Simmons’s 90 employees. Most of them work on the company’s website which covers culture and sports. Spotify wants to keep the site running but its main focus will be Simmons’s ability to produce the podcast. This will Spotify’s fourth podcast company acquisition in the past one year. It has already spent around USD 400 million to purchase Anchor FM, Gimlet Media, and Parcast. Spotify executives argue that these purchases will not only help them brining in new users but also keep existing users for longer.

Processed and Red Meat Consumption Increases the Risk of Mortality, Study Finds

Processed and Red Meat Consumption Increases the Risk of Mortality, Study Finds

Let it be plant-based or lab-grown or the real one; meat is not OK for your health. A new trial focusing on meat consumption has discovered that people who munch on processed or red meat have a higher risk of heart disease and premature death. Whereas, another research suggests excluding meat from the diet has some health benefits. The trial has discovered a link between meat consumption and mortal risk. A team of researchers from the Cornell and Northwestern Medicine University have analyzed long-term data on about 30,000 people. The assessment has discovered a minor but substantial risk of death associated with consuming two servings of unprocessed or processed red meat every week.

The paper, published in JAMA Internal Medicine on Monday, has not discovered any link between death and eating fish. Notably, two small sausages, two slices of bacon or one hot dog equals one serving of processed meat. Besides, a serving of unprocessed red meat is equivalent to three ounces of fish or 4 ounces of chicken or red meat. The latest discovery arrives a few months after debatable meta-analysis asserting it’s not essential to cut off processed and red meat from the diet for good health. The latest study, on the other hand, indicated a 3% higher risk of mortality associated with two servings of meat every week.

Prof. Norrina Allen, a co-author of the study, said it is a slight difference, but it’s worth attempting to lessen processed and red meat. She added red meat consumption also is constantly linked to other health issues like cancer. Even more, as per the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), processed and red meat can or may cause cancer. The agency recommends consuming only moderate amounts of red meat, like pork, beef, and lamb, once a week. Notably, the meat must have a maximum weight of up to 500 grams after cooking. Even more, in January, a team of experts has defined a standard diet for human health in the Lancet. They suggest reducing the red meat intake by 50% at a global extent. The team also recommends eating fruits, legumes, nuts, and vegetables twice than existing values.

The Risk Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Shoots Up During Winter And Travelling

The Risk Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Shoots Up During Winter And Travelling

Around 16 people at the bridge and four Dallas Fire-Rescue workers have been admitted to the hospital after deadly carbon oxide (CO) gas was detected at the homeless shelter. As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the cases are of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs in winters. Experts say that travelers are at high risk due to varying regulations of carbon monoxide alarms across the states. Carbon monoxide detectors are the only means to detect such poisoning cases. The irony is that laws requiring such detectors vary across the accommodations such as chain hotels and vacation rentals in the US and abroad.

Dallas Fire rescue fighters were called to the shelter in 1800 blocks of Corsicana Street in Dallas for medical help. While they were providing medical assistance to one patient, other people started approaching the crew and complaining of light-headedness, nausea, and headache. Firefighters checked for carbon monoxide and got positive reading for the same. Later they called for more help along with the Hazmat team. The hazmat team found out that a clothe dryer was the source of carbon monoxide. Around 200 people have already been evacuated from the shelter. Four firefighters have also been admitted to the hospital after being exposed to the deadly gas.

Identifying the symptoms of CO poisoning is quite challenging in winter, as they are the same as common viral illnesses like common cold and flu. At the same time, low-level pressure can cause headaches, sleepiness, fatigue, and irritability. It can cause vomiting, nausea, irregular heartbeat, impaired vision and even death at high levels. Carbon Monoxide usually generates from heating systems and gas appliances.  Heating and drying vents, portable gas generators, portable room heaters, chimney flues are the common sources of CO at home. Heating systems for indoor swimming pools and hot tubs also produce carbon monoxide. There are some common rules people can follow to avoid the risk of CO poisoning. Before booking a room, people should ask the management about the accommodation’s CO detector polices. People can carry their battery-operated carbon monoxide detector alarms while traveling.