Home Science A new finding scientists claim to spot insects on Mars

A new finding scientists claim to spot insects on Mars

A new finding scientists claim to spot insects on Mars

On Mars, there are no robot legs, no thigh bones, or no reptiles that are running around eating the Martian insects. Surely, there is something weird that is going on with the methane and probably even with the oxygen, but there is not a lot happening for life on Mars. Entomologist William Romoser, who is the professor of Ohio University, has presented a research poster at an Entomological Society of America this week that claims to find out some pieces of evidence of life on Mars. Ohio University has issued a press release on Romoser’s research this Tuesday, which got titled as Ohio entomologist: Photos show proof of being on Mars.

These poster presentations supposed to be less formal than peer-examined papers that were published in scientific journals. Romoser’s posters made some bold claims, and the entomologist describes an insect-like creature that appears on Mars. Romoser has presented a series of annotated images as evidence, the Mars rovers of NASA captured that. He suggested that show fossilized and surviving forms of life, including a reptilian creature preying on a beast like an insect. The images are blurry but yet show some of the many rocks on the Martian landscape. Pareidolia, the human propensity to see recognizable structures in random forms, maybe the most likely exposition in this perspective. For some alien enthusiasts, who enjoy looking by the NASA Mars images for familiar objects, it is a collective illusion for them.

Mars pareidolia may be a fun element. Still, the press release of Ohio University provides a sense of legitimateness to the claims of Romoser, though it is not the first foray of Romoser into such concepts that are related to Mars. He also has issued two reports that applications to find out the evidence of undisclosed aerial phenomena on Mars, and he also has suggested that this may mean the existence of intelligent life forms on the sterile planet. The Mars rovers of NASA have a long history of research, but they have got no evidence of the existence of life on MARS.