Home Health A New Study Says People With Chronic Diseases Can Live A Long Life By Following A Healthy Lifestyle

A New Study Says People With Chronic Diseases Can Live A Long Life By Following A Healthy Lifestyle

A New Study Says People With Chronic Diseases Can Live A Long Life By Following A Healthy Lifestyle

New research has revealed that people who are dealing with chronic conditions can live longer if they follow a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and saying no to smoking and alcohol can reduce the risk of early death among people with chronic ailments. A healthy lifestyle has always been linked to longevity. However, this study focuses on how lifestyle factors affect people with multiple health issues such as hypertension, asthma, cancer, diabetes, depression, migraine, and angina. A team of scientists from the UK has followed nearly 93736 patients with chronic ailments for up to nine years. They have observed their lifestyle factors such as alcohol intake, physical activity, smoking habits, and diet during the study.

Experts have said that men who have followed a very healthy lifestyle are expected to live a longer life by 6.3 years irrespective of their underlying chronic conditions. Whereas women who have followed a very healthy lifestyle have been associated with up to 7.3 years longer life as compared to those who have been given the lowest lifestyle score. Experts have said that no smoking is the most beneficial lifestyle factor. People, who smoke at the age of 45, are expected to live five to six years less than the people who do not smoke. Regular workout has been linked with 1 to 2.5 years of extra life, as per the experts.

The study has found that a healthy lifestyle along with abstinence from smoking can increase life expectancy for up to 7 years. Experts have said that the findings of the study are very essential for public health and it is never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes to lead a healthy life. Women with two chronic diseases, who have been given an unhealthy score based on the four factors of lifestyle, are expected to live 3.5 years longer than those who have been given a very unhealthy score. Scientists have observed individual factors like socioeconomic status, employment status, and ethnicity as well in the study. However, there are some limitations to this study as the majority of the participants have been white and quite affluent as compared to the general population in the UK.

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