Home Health Americans don’t realize the dementia risk that they deal with

Americans don’t realize the dementia risk that they deal with

Americans don’t realize the dementia risk that they deal with

Researchers have identified some risk factors that affect the likelihood of inspiring one or more types of dementia. Some of these factors can modify, while some elements are not modifiable. The risk of vascular dementia and several other dementias goes up significantly with the advancing age. Research suggests many people did not understand the link between physical and mental health and how communal differences can affect dementia risk. New research suggests that many senior citizens of America may inaccurately calculate their chances of developing dementia and do worthless things to prevent it. Almost half of the adults surveyed believed that they were likely to develop dementia.

Embodied numbers of people who rated their health as fair or poor, thought that their dementia chances were lower. At the same time, many people who said that they were in absolutely excellent health conditions meant that they were likely to exhibit the memory-robbing disease. Though some factors of dementia are not possible to modify still research has shown that regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, limiting alcohol, and quitting smoking can make dementia less likely. Many people have said that they have tried some memory protecting methods, but the most effective way was to solve crossword puzzles, and it is shown that supplements are not so useful to deal with dementia.

Dr. Donovan Maust, who is the study’s lead author and a geriatric psychiatrist at the University of Michigan, has stated that they have not done enough of getting the word out that whether there are things that can lower the risk of dementia. The study was published this Friday in the JAMA Neurology, and it was based on a nationally representative health survey of a thousand adults who are aged between 50-64. This survey asked to assess their likelihood of improving dementia and whether they had ever discussed ways to prohibit it with the help of the doctor. The new study used information from the University of Michigan National Poll on the Healthy aging process.

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