Best Productivity-Boosting Apps for Business Support Operations?

Best Productivity-Boosting Apps for Business Support Operations?

April 13, 2020 856 By Amanda Noel

Running a business requires carrying out many support operations to ensure smooth functionality and optimum productivity level with the core operations that help the organization to reach its ultimate goal. These support operations include tasks like managing employee and visitor data, asset management and maintenance, expense management, etc. While maintaining all the core functionality is a priority for every business, staying focused on these support operations can be a real challenge for many organizations. To eliminate these challenges we have prepared a list of apps that can make your support operations easier to run and boost productivity.

Best Productivity-Boosting Apps for support operations

These productivity-boosting apps are used to connect all segregated support operations of your business to a centralized place or system where all of the employees can perform better.

Employee Database

Enterprises require human resources to operate their business. After all, human resources are the life of an enterprise. According to their department, job description, and responsibilities, they are deployed to different work positions. It’s essential for so many reasons to know the details of all employees for the HR manager or management. Even sometimes it is found difficult to find their emergency contact details during urgency. To meet all of the mentioned requirements, the employee database records employee profile, his or her demographic data, emergency contact, and other relevant data.

Visitor Track

A smart system to managing the visitors of your organization in practical ways. It helps enterprises to improve the visitor experience, establish a detailed visit log, and save hours of paperwork. Visitor Track also saves administrative costs by replacing plastic or paper-based ID cards and associated printers with biometric data and a digital badge. It supports multimodal biometric identification like the fingerprint, finger vein, face, and iris recognition to ensure quick and secure access to premises.

Simple CMMS

Simple CMMS is the application to simplify the maintenance of the assets and equipment of the enterprise. This cloud-based app also facilitates the process enabling a fully responsive mobile app to perform all of the tasks required and update accordingly. This Computerized Maintenance Management System helps to boost productivity by adequately managing the assets and equipment of the enterprise, scheduling the maintenance, managing inventory, routing work order and facilitating the robust reporting.  The application helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time status of their assets and maintenance plans.

Asset Tracker

Each asset in an enterprise is indeed a bit of the long haul venture made to support the organization. As the organization runs depending on its employees, so someone is allowed to utilize and take care of an asset. The asset tracker tracks the status of the assets to raise accountability among the employees. Though it doesn’t create a direct impact on productivity being accountable each employee treats in a better way and ultimately the assets last more than it was assumed traditionally.

Expense Tracker

Enterprises need to maintain daily operative costs to run the business. Any enterprise utilizes a center bookkeeping framework to follow monetary transactions. The day by day costs stays disregarded most of the times in these frameworks. Expense Tracker application can keep these records of day by day administrative costs to discover the wastages and spotlight on approaches to decrease excessive costs.

Fleet Manager

An enterprise may have different vehicles like cars, pull cars, staff buses, delivery vans, and trucks to operate the business and meet daily needs. The management of a fleet like this is troublesome as there remain many issues like assigning drivers, registration documents, insurance updates, fuel expenses and consumptions, maintenance, and so on. Fleet Manager app utilizes state-of-the-art technologies like biometrics, machine learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make vehicle management operation smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.


O-Suite is an all-in-one Office Automation suite offering a bundle of apps to automate business support operations. This suite of apps covers most of the support process automation apps in one suite that business commonly needs. If the enterprise uses different apps for managing different support processes like employee database, expenses management, contract details, issue handler then it could lead up to hefty subscription fees. But with osuite they can get all of those same apps under one single suite and save thousands of dollars yearly as well share data between them.

Employee Wellness App

A  healthy employee could be a productive employee and is capable of meeting the productivity goal. On the other hand, vice versa happens for an unhealthy employee. The enterprises are analyzing the different scope of product development, and the fantastic thing revealed. US enterprises can save over $300 billion each year only taking care of their employees’ well being. It’s usual that the stress of the workplace causes burnout, and an exhausted employee could not deliver his/ her best for the organization. The corporate wellness app can engage the employees to relieve their stresses and energized in their work. Whenever the employees feel that their employer is doing something for their well-being, they become grateful and perform their best.

These top 6 productivity-boosting apps for business support operation is suitable for any small or medium enterprise. The smarter thinking and far-sighted vision must embrace the digital transformation of the business process using these apps. All of these apps are mobile friendly and facilitates the users to continue business tasks on the go.