Home Health China Wipes Out New Year Celebration Plans Citing Coronavirus Outbreak

China Wipes Out New Year Celebration Plans Citing Coronavirus Outbreak

China Wipes Out New Year Celebration Plans Citing Coronavirus Outbreak

Today Beijing has announced canceled colossal Chinese New Year festivities in order to curb the spread of coronavirus. Officials in the capital of China have quashed all events, including temple fairs, that can bring in thousands of travelers. Even more, they have requested citizens to reinforce prevention against the virus liable for the death of 25 people. The latest strain of coronavirus has affected over 800 people in various regions. The list of affected areas includes Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, the US, and China. Beijing officials have published a post on Weibo, a twitter-like social network in China. They have noted that the move to scrub celebrations has assisted in preventing epidemic as well as control.

The Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau said the effort is to control the outbreak and protect the health and lives of people. Besides this, they aim to reduce crowd gatherings and make sure people have a peaceful and harmonious Spring festival. The agency also noted that they had scrubbed all the extensive events like temple carnivals. On the other hand, the flu-like virus, that can transmit from person to person, continues to spread across various regions. Wuhan, China, the city hosting 11 million people, is the origin of the epidemic that began in December.

Meanwhile, the US CDC has prepared its tourism notice for Wuhan to the utmost of three phases. The agency noted in the announcement that it had raised the Warning status to Level 3. Even more, the CDC has recommended the tourists to avoid all unnecessary journeys to Wuhan. It has also recommended travelers to stay alert while traveling to other regions of China by staying away from sick people, animal markets, and animals. Meanwhile, the WHO says the virus is spreading more easily from one person to another than previously thought. Dr. David Heymann, the head of the committee collecting data on the virus, said, currently, they are watching second- and third-generation circulation.



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