Home Health Drink Green Tea for Living Longer and Healthier Life, Scientists Say

Drink Green Tea for Living Longer and Healthier Life, Scientists Say

Drink Green Tea for Living Longer and Healthier Life, Scientists Say

Are you a habitual green tea drinker? Well, you would live a long and healthy life then. A new study indicates drinking green tea less often three times a week could lessen the chances of demise from cardiovascular disease. A team of Chinese researchers has discovered the health gains linked with green tea, regardless of black tea. During the trial, scientists have analyzed over 100,000 adults over seven years. Also, the candidates did not have had a history of cardiovascular diseases or cancer. It included two types of people, one who consumed green tea regularly and another class comprised of occasional tea drinkers.

The study has found that frequent tea consumers had a 20% fewer chances of experiencing a heart attack or heart disease. Even more, such people are less probable to die from a heart-related disease or stroke. Notably, the researchers have discovered usual tea consumers could hopefully live around 1.26 years longer at age 50 than occasional tea drinkers. Dr. Dongfeng Gu, a co-author of the study, said they had discovered positive effects of regular tea drinking. Notably, the impact remains extremely notable and robust across different results for males and modest for females. Gu said, their trial included around 48% of habitual green tea drinkers, and just 8% favored black tea. Thus researchers were unable to prove the same particular relation between black tea, longevity, and the decline of these diseases.

It is the latest study focusing on the potential and positive health effects of green tea. From the past few years, many studies have related the beverage to positive impacts like improved cholesterol levels and body weight. Even more, many studies have revealed green tea consumption lessens then chances of heart disease and some cancers. Those studies, like the latest one, have remained observational. While analysis, researchers have questioned people regarding their habits and other factors. After that, they have followed the health results.



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