Home Science NASA’s Mars Rover breathes a new mysterious oxygen

NASA’s Mars Rover breathes a new mysterious oxygen

NASA’s Mars Rover breathes a new mysterious oxygen

According to NASA, it is challenging to elucidate why oxygen is being created and then used on the Red Planet. The time US space agency has come through this fact, they have been scratching their heads collectively. The main reason behind everyone being puzzled is that Curiosity Rover of NASA, which is horrifying on Mars, has come back with some new data to our Earth, which shows that a high level of methane was noted, but NASA is still answerless and cannot explain why this happened. Several tests were made and finished to search out the primary reason behind the high methane level. Unfortunately, NASA could not find out the cause.

Curiosity Rover of NASA breathes in the air on the Red Planet, examines it, and reveals everything to NASA, including the types of gases detected on the planet. However, something interesting that was discovered on Earth was that the background levels of some gases decreases and increases according to the seasonal changes; something similar was experienced on Mars. Curiosity detected n during breathing that most of the gas found in Mars is carbon dioxide, and the left out 5% gas is the mixture of argon, carbon monoxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. These gases were plotted for 12 months by NASA. In that time, scientists notice some irregularities in the oxygen amount when its comparison was made with the other gases found on Mars.

According to NASA, a scientist has done a lot of research, and they conclude that both argon and nitrogen follow an expected season pattern, increasing and decreasing in absorption in Gale Crater all for 12 months comparing how much carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere. A scientist expected the same in case of oxygen. But it wasn’t the case. On the contrary, the gas amount was seen rising throughout the summer and spring season by 30% but then declined to the predicted level during fall.



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