New York’s International Auto Show Got Postponed Because Of Coronavirus Fear

New York’s biggest international automobile show recently got canceled on the fear of coronavirus, which was entirely predicted by experts a few days ago. NYIAS 2020 will be happening this year, but it’s not going to happen till the end of August. The show organizers used twitter to say about how the automobile show has gotten postponed. A tweet from their side said the health and wellbeing of all participants of this show is quite crucial for organizers. Now because of which, they have decided to postpone their automobile show. Organizers said they will be rescheduling NYIAS show till the end of August 2020 and advised to stick to their social media platforms for further updates. The automobile festival in New York was estimated to bring more than $330 million of monetary benefits. However, the show, which was scheduled to start on April 8, will have to be postponed until further notice. The New New York Automobile Show is quite significant as compared to other social programs because it brings approximately one million people in the form of attendee’s.

Organizers said from the last 120 years they are organizing this significant event, but the circumstances have forced them to postpone it for the sake of attendees. Programmers are already in talks with organizers and participants about the future dates of making this event possible. They are quite confident that even though they had to cancel the show, for now, it will soon be happening for all those people who love automobiles. Coronavirus is impacting quite severely on the economy of the country because, so far, 800 people have been infected with it. Twenty-nine patients have been found to have died because of this dangerous disease, which makes things quite more complicated than anyone’s expectations. The stock market has already given the negative responses because of which major stock indexes have gone down with a considerable margin.

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