Our Team

James Watson – Sr.Editor
Email: james@healthcosmetics.org
Phone No: +61 396507378

James Watson has functioned as a business leader in a prominent organization before joining us at health cosmetics. Since arriving at the news reporting site, he/she has evolved journalism skills to offer the best insightful articles related to Business Sector. If not taking a glance at business-related happenings, you will find James Watson busy with pets. He/she owns a cute-looking Persian cat that shares his working place too.

Ross Gilchrist – Editor
Email: ross@healthcosmetics.org
Phone No: +61 396507378

Ross Gilchrist is a person who views everything from a technology perspective. Being a tech-savvy person, he has a craze to know about every new gadget which arrives in the market. Even more, he is fond of sharing her views on the same. Thus he favors scripting articles related to the Technology field. Apart from this, he is a tattoo addict and works as a designer at a tattoo studio in free time.

Emma Taylor – Author and Contributor
Email: emma@healthcosmetics.org
Phone No: +61 396507378

Emma Taylor has functioned in a medical center before joining health cosmetics. she is a doctor by profession, which has assisted her in writing top-notch material related to the Health sector. Her deep standpoint offers a frill of expert view to the article or news report. The topics covered by our doctor include new medical breakthroughs, outbreak news, disease-related news, pharma-related news, etc. In the meantime, she works as an unofficial dietician for us, who keeps on advising this and that things.

Enric Scott – Author and Contributor
Email: enric@healthcosmetics.org
Phone No:+61 396507378

Enric had a dream to become a researcher, but he settled down for mass media communication after finding a command over the language. He also had a greater interest in news related to deep space missions and scientific inventions, including science-related clinical trials. Currently, he contributes work to the Science section of our site. Above all, Enric is a stargazer who seeks for astronomical events like eclipses, meteor showers, super moon nights, etc.