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The link between vanished giant ape and Orangutan

The link between vanished giant ape and Orangutan
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We have seen a giant ape in many movies and heard about the same in many mythological stories. But giant ape is extinct from this earth. Scientists and researchers are doing a study on giant gapes. By using the technique of genetic sequencing scientist and researchers found some genetic information of 1.8-million-year old extinct giant ape species, which used to live in the tropical region of China. The name of the species is Gigantopithecus blacki. These species apes were 3 to 4 meters tall and 600-700 kg. And this similar to an orangutan. This is the first time when such information is received from the warm and humid part of china. This information is published in the scientific journal Nature. And the results are innovative in the field of biology.
One of the researches of this study Frido Welker, said, “primates are close to humans. With this study, it is clear that by using a method of protein sequencing, we can retrieve the information of our ancient primates. Up this point, humans retrieve the information of only 10,000year-old species fossils od humid and warm area. This critical because most of the human ancestors, like homo sapiens, used to live in a warm subtropical region. This means; similarly, we can retrieve the information of human evolution. We know that there is a link between humans and chimpanzees, and the chimpanzees are 7 to 8 million years old. But humans only retrieve genetic information up to 400,000 years of evolution. So by using this method, we can found genetic information about human history older than 2 to 3 million years.
One of the important members of this study and Associate Professor at Globe Institute, Mr. Enrico Cappellini with his international team demonstrated this study. In that, they showed a dental enamel sample of Gigantopithecus Species. By doing protein sequencing on this sample they found that there is a link between giant apes and orangutans.