Several Amazon Employees Fired For Leaking Customer Phone Numbers, Email Addresses

Amazon has fired several employees for leaking phone numbers and email addresses of many customers. The Seattle based company is informing customers, whose personal data have been shared with a third party, via emails. “We are writing to you to inform that your phone number and email address were shared with a third party. This is in complete violation of our policies and therefore the employee has been terminated. No other information related to your account has been leaked,” the mail reads. A customer took to Twitter to share his experience after his information was leaked. The customer claimed that he received at least 20 spam phone calls in the last two days and wondered whether calling Amazon customer care would change anything.

The company has also informed customers that it has taken action against employees involved in it. “Employees responsible for leaking information have been sacked and Amazon is supporting law enforcement in their prosecution,” a spokesperson of the company said in a statement. The e-commerce giant has refused to share the exact number of employees that have been terminated. It has also not shared the number of customers whose information was shared with the third party. There is also no clarity about why the information was leaked.

The incident took place close on the heels of the e-commerce giant firing four Ring employees. Ring is Amazon’s home security company. The employees were fired for abusing their ability to access and view customers’ video feeds. This information was shared through a letter to five Democratic Senators of the United States. After taking action against the employees, Amazon limited the number of people that can access such data. The company also said that it would continue to determine whether those people continue to need access. A similar incident took place in October 2018 when Amazon fired an employee for leaking personal detail of customers with a third party. In November 2018, a technical error exposed email addresses and names of customers. Amazon said that it was investigating claims of employees that their data was leaked for bribes by the third party. Third-party has become increasingly crucial for the e-commerce giant for its overall business.

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