Home Business Tesla Cybertruck bags 1.87 lakh orders within four days

Tesla Cybertruck bags 1.87 lakh orders within four days

Tesla Cybertruck bags 1.87 lakh orders within four days

Back in 2012, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated his desire to build a truck, he wasn’t joking. The Cybertruck is the first truck by Tesla, and it is designed for tasks that we are aware of. The dimensions of the new vehicle are 231.7 inches in length, 79.8 inches in width, a height of 75 inches, and seats for six. In comparison to this, the Ford F-150 is roughly 250 inches long, a width between 80-86 inches, and 78.5 inches tall. The Cybertruck premiered on Thursday.

Coming to the performance claims made by Musk, he describes the Cybertruck as something never heard of before. The Cybertruck is engineered to have a speed of 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. This speed is attainable by the truck even before it reaches 11 seconds quarter-mile mark. The figures given for its offroad performance are 35-degree approach angle, with a departure angle of 28 degrees, and ground clearance of up to 16 inches. Musk also did not keep himself from flaunting that an ATV can easily fit inside the bed of the truck.

The body of the truck is made secure with the alloy of stainless steel. Musk says that it is immune to firing by small arms. An estimation of 14000 pounds has been given for the truck’s towing capacity. The Cybertruck, in a game of tug of war, was proved to beat the F-150. At the moment, it is a tad bit difficult to find any comparison for the Cybertruck. However, there are undoubtedly other electric trucks in the market to be announced. Rivian has made claims with his R1T, with its horsepower at 700 and a miles range of 400. It is set to tow 11000 pounds, and the starting price would be $69,000. On the other hand, Bollinger B2 will supposedly have a horsepower of 614 with a towing capacity of 7500 pounds. The B2 price is set at $125,000. In comparison to both prices, Cybertruck’s least expensive model price is said to be $39,900 and the upgraded models at $69,900. Tesla can have the prediction for massive success if it stays true to its claims.


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