The Chinese scientist is still missing one year after the CRISPR Babies Scandal

The Chinese scientist named, He Jiankui shocked the world by asserting that he had helped make the first gene-edited babies. After one year, mystery encloses his fate as well as theirs. He has not been seen avowedly since January, his work has not been revealed, and nothing is known about the health of the babies. Stanford bioethicist Dr. William Hurlbut has said that it is all cloaked in solitude, which is not profitable for the advance of understanding. He talked with Hurlbut many times before He stated at a Hong Kong science conference that he had applied a tool, known as CRISPR to deflect a gene in embryos to try to help them defend infection with the AIDS virus. The work, which He argued in exclusive interviews with The Associated Press, was condemned as medically unnecessary and unethical because of possible harm to other genes and because the DNA changes can pass to future generations.

Since then, many people have called for enactment of a moratorium on the same work, but committees have bogged down over who should set standards and how to enact them. Doctor Kiran Musunuru, a University of Pennsylvania geneticist, has stated that nothing has changed, and he has published a book about gene editing and the CRISPR babies’ case. Hurlbut indicated that he thinks they were farther from governing this. So much effort has focused on demonizing He Jiankui that it has confused from how to move forward, he said. He was last seen in early January, on the balcony of an apartment at the university, that fired him from its efficiency after his work became reckoned.

A few weeks later, the official news agency of China has said an investigation had destined that He acted alone out of a desire for fame would be doomed for any violations of law. Since then, AP’s efforts to avail him have been unsuccessful. Ryan Ferrell, a media relations person He hired, refused to comment. Farrell formerly said that He’s wife had started to pay him; that might mean that He is no longer in a position to do that himself.

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