Home Technology The return of Motorola’s iconic ‘Razr.’

The return of Motorola’s iconic ‘Razr.’

The return of Motorola’s iconic ‘Razr.’
Motorola's iconic ‘Razr.’

The modified model of the most iconic model of Motorolla The ‘Razr’ is rumored for a few months. And honestly, such a product is a bit of a no-brainer. The Lenovo acquired company is adopting the growing world of foldable phones with a comeback with its most popular and successful model. Although the recent models of Motorola didn’t work out, the company has kept the name of Razr alive in this era of Android. The look of the new updated Razr looks quite good. The product was announced recently in Los Angeles, but the phone faced some criticism that the model was just inspiring and had the same old design.
According to the executives of Motorola, the company has been experimenting with flexible technology for a few years. In a press conference, a statement released that ‘In 2016, a team which consisted of designers & engineers from both Lenovo & Motorola was brought together to start the research and development on flexible display technology.’ The vertical structure of the new ‘Razr’ looks perfect, but it misses the ultra-thin design that made the old Razr model famous many years back. The original ‘Razr’ had a 6.2-inch ultra-wide screen, which was compact enough to fit in the pocket. As know Motorola has traded off the design with Samsung, the Galaxy Fold has a small display on the screen for getting an indication of the notifications. This is another feature which replicates the original Razr. Probably, the device runs on Android 9, to be exact. There is also another model called the “Retro Razr,” that imitates the old metallic button design at the bottom of the display screen. This feature is extremely useful with the Messaging application of Android. Motorola is undoubtedly enthusiastic about the design of its phones and puts a lot of efforts into implementing it. If nothing else works, the new Razr would surely prove that it’s just a breath of fresh air of nostalgia.
After the whole incidents over the bustles with Samsung, it is likely to raise a question against the durability of the phone, Although Motorola says it’s not too much concerned, about quoting the average timespan for the device. It will only be known when the product is available in the market and used. Similar to the price of Fold, the price is pretty too high for this first-generation product. To any mainstream adoption for this first-generation product. The Razr will be officially announced in next January.


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