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Verizon Unveils Actual 5G Network Coverage

Verizon Unveils Actual 5G Network Coverage

Verizon has been aggressive about rolling out its blazing-fast 5G network, and now the carrier has come up with details of its 5G covered regions- much to the relief of the end-users. The company has published the maps of its 5G network. The people using it’s Sims and staying in these areas can access the web at lightning speeds, often reaching the threshold of 1 GBps. Recently Verizon launched the 5G network in regions like Sioux Falls, Boston, Houston. By the end of the year, the coverage is expected to go up. As of now, Verizon is offering a 5G network in 18 cities, which will be 30 by the end of 2019.

While the company is going gaga over the super-fast speed of its 5G network, the industry observers are a tad skeptical about the claims. The areas in South Dakota, Houston, Sioux Falls are only partly covered by the new network. So, chances are there; the users will see fluctuation in actual network speed when they are in these regions. This will be more the case when they are on the move. In Wicker Park, Chicago, Verizon covers the major arteries by 5G network but skips the more residential avenues in between. The residents of Wicker Park may see red eventually!

While the 5G network coverage of Verizon is far from massive or extensive, it has improved for sure. Verizon’s 5G tech uses millimeter-wave, and it is a new technology. So, users with more modern smartphones and tablets will be able to reap the benefits fully. The millimeter-wave tech does not penetrate buildings, and that can lead to spotty coverage even in the areas where the 5G network is present. If you can manage to get the coverage, hitting 1 GBps is undoubtedly possible. Verizon is still ahead of its rivals in terms of 5G network coverage. Sprint has maps covering only nine cities, while T-Mobile includes only six so far. Arch rival AT&T is yet to roll out its 5G network.



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