Xbox Series X – First Look and its exclusive features

Xbox Series X – First Look and its exclusive features

December 26, 2019 449 By Ross Gilchrist

The next generation of consoles is coming, a preliminary understanding of the future of the Xbox.

Console design

The footprint of the X series is almost the width of the Xbox One controller (again) about three times the size. The power button doesn’t say anything in front of the slot where you can insert a shiny Xbox logo disc. Overall, this falls short of the simple, sleek, and elegant design of the old Xbox, although not only the latest Microsoft consoles like the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X but also their sleek look, the strict aesthetics of the X series not seen in the console space.

New controller

But not everyone has changed dramatically. The new Xbox controllers that ship with the X Series consoles are similar to the original Xbox controllers. The most significant difference, by far, is the addition of a share button in the center. It will allow you to share the game with your friends quickly. It also taught me that the transition from the controller surface to the upper rear is smoother than before. It can be more aesthetic than ergonomics.

Simplify the game

While the console controller and the name display were at the center of the meeting, Spencer and Ronald were able to explore the different objectives of the X series. They hope to make it the most powerful console on the market, but they want to ensure that it is a console that meets the needs of developers and customers. According to our current knowledge, high-end performance is part of it, but it streamlines the process of engagement and fun of the game.

How is the cloud?

A recent X019 event in London announced that the consumer service xCloud would be available during 2020 as part of a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Game Pass is already famous. It only seems to gain value when xCloud started joining the conversation, mostly when accessing hundreds of games with low monthly rates.